Our Mission

We want to make selling online on your own affordable and efficient.

We want to take it off your shoulder.

We want  to provide a service where you can pay little to no attention on your eCommerce store. Our goal is to achieve this while keeping the cost at absolute minimum. So you can worry less on how much your store is going to cost you and focus more on product and branding.

It takes on average $500 - $800 to make an ecommerce store

The average cot of 500$ to 800$ is not affordable by huge number of people. We need funds for so many other important tasks like Advertising, Product stock, Branding, Packaging. When you have so many places to spend and all are equally important ”Every $ Counts”


Our Mission

Affordable and Made by Humans.

eCommerce store

eCommerce store at a very affordable price 


Help Bigginers with social meadia branding 


Help aspiring entrepreneur grow.

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